Find My Waka - GPS tracking solutions
Find My Waka

New Zealand vehicle tracking solutions

Mobile App

Super simple to use!
Access your own personal portal from the palm of your hand and keep an eye on your vehicle while you're out and about.

Vast NZ Coverage

Your vehicle could feasibly be visible to between 6-11 satellites at any given time.
This means that no matter where your vehicle goes, you will surely be able to find it anywhere in New Zealand!

24/7 Monitoring

See where your vehicle is at ANY time.
Monitor your vehicle's speed & mileage.
Keep an eye on it and ensure it stays put.
View trip replay history which provides you with a timeline of where your vehicle was, and when.

Easy Installation

Our technicians come to you!
Simply book a date and time with us to get started.
We can get you set up on our mobile app too!


We believe in keeping costs to a minimum. That's why our prices are aimed to suit everybody. All your vehicle tracking needs for only $14.99 per month! A small price to pay to protect your mobile assets.

Installation costs may vary based on your location, and so additional costs may incur. All installation costs will be provided up front - there are no surprise fees!

There is a base installation fee of $150 which includes your very own tracking unit and a 12 month warranty. Access all your vehicle tracking needs via our system for only $14.99 per month.